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Are you graduating soon from college or university, and you’re not sure where to start with finding a job?

Have you recently graduated, and you’re lost, when it comes to navigating the brand new landscape of job searches “in the wild”?

It’s not easy. I know. I’ve been there. When I first entered the workforce over 30 years ago, I had no clue where to start. And my double-major of anthropology and German didn’t seem like much of a value-add for most employers.

On top of it, the job market was crashing after “Black Monday” of 1987, when the bottom fell out of the stock market, and companies were laying people off by the hundreds without any warning. We were all sure it was  the end of the world. And yet, several couple of recessions and financial crises later… amid general economic chaos… here we are.

Fortunately, although things change, they also stay the same. That means, the lessons I’ve learned from my past might actually come in handy for you. I’ve learned how to be successful and thrive in a constantly changing job market over the years, and a lot of what I’ve learned can translate into something useful for others in 2020.

As you move forward, seeking your place in the working world, I’ve got a few ideas for how we can all take advantage of the strengths we do have, while creatively mitigating our limitations.

  • There’s my new HI-5 System, that gets your info to recruiters without you needing to respond to every email. I teach you to set up in less than an hour, so you can have quality conversations with the people who are paid to connect workers with jobs.
  • There’s the blog here, where I talk about my past experiences, working like crazy to find my place in the world.
  • And yeah, there’s an app for all this, too. Recruitable helps you think through the requirements for your ideal situation, so you understand your own needs and can communicate them to recruiters and hiring managers. Whether you’re reaching out to them, or they’re contacting you about positions, Recruitable gives you what you need most: Clarity.

So, don’t despair.

Yeah, these are certainly challenging times. But we’ve been through h*ll before, and yet, here we are. Still living our lives, still looking for work, and still building towards a future we can truly be proud of.