hand holding iphone with appRecruitable is an app which guides applicants on what exactly to tell recruiters, so they’ll connect with the work they want, and avoid the work they don’t.

While I do provide training on the app, you can actually already use it for your students without any training required!

Simply embed a link to Recruitable on your Career Services web page, and you’ll give your students free access to a powerful tool that not only guides them through the thought process of getting them “recruit ready”, but also saves their messaging for consistent and convenient recruiter communications.

Recruitable was designed and built by a seasoned technologist with 30+ years of continuous employment. Hundreds of conversations with recruiters all across the country (and the globe) informed the criteria for this powerful application. Both successful interactions and lessons learned from failures have made it what it was, and it’s currently in daily use in real-world recruiting interactions.

And you can leverage all that experience — gratis — on your own Career Services web pages.  Simply link to us at https://recruitablecps.net/ by putting this code on your web page:

<a href="https://recruitablecps.net/" target="rcps"><strong>Get Recruitable!</strong> with an app that crafts your personal message to hiring pros.</a>

If you’d like to drop us a line at info@recruitablecps.com and let us know you’ve included us on your site, we’d appreciate it!

To your success!