Kay Stoner profile pictureIn my virtual real-time training, I share my 32+ years of experience in the working world – from my “guerilla job search” tactics of the late 1980s, to my current proven strategies to not only find work, but stay employed. I discuss:

  • How to build systems that automate the recruiter contact process.
  • Who recruiters actually are, and how they can help us all find and keep work – and strategically prepare for the future.
  • What recruiters and hiring managers actually need to hearĀ first from candidates, before they start seriously considering them for a position.
  • How to use the Recruitable app to make the job search experience more efficient – and less aggravating.
  • Tactics for “SEO-ing” your resume, so it’s easier to find you for the right jobs in the data-overloaded world of recruiting.
  • My own experiences of overcoming the odds in not one, but several, impossible job markets — when I had far fewer marketable skills than today’s graduates.

To book me for a virtual training session, contact me here.