For those of us in the workforce: The Problem

woman talking on phone seriouslyLooking for a job can be a daunting task. There are so many bases to cover, so many details to consider. And talking to recruiters can seem like a frustrating chore.

You may be speaking to them for the first time, ever. They may not be familiar with your work — other than the 5-year-old resume they have in front of them.

Or they may be contacting you about a job that is a terrible fit for you… but you don’t find out until after you’ve spent 10 minutes updating them on your status, your skills, and your availability.


The Thing Is, We Can’t Afford to NOT Talk to Recuiters

Today’s job market is dynamic and often uncertain. It’s really been that way since 1987, when the modern age of out-of-the-blue downsizing kicked off in full force. And now that the COVID-19 situation is wreaking havoc with the economy, it’s almost like things are back to the state of 1987… or 2001… or 2008.

If there’s one thing the years have taught a lot of us, it’s that we have to stay at least minimally in the game. And by that, I mean, keeping at least a tenuous connection with the people who get paid to find us work.

But connecting with the right recruiters can keep your career on track.

You need every advantage, when it comes to making your next move.

  • Companies right-size and downsize. Sometimes without warning.
  • Shifting markets and industries may require different skills.
  • If your professional information is out-of-date, you can miss opportunities.

What to do?

Well, fortunately, you can actually set up a system that helps maintain those relationships for you.

It’s the HI-5 system. And you’ll be learning more about it in the coming weeks.