Introducing Recruit Ready – Get the Work YOU Want

Recruit Ready shown on desktop, tablet, smartphone

Coming Soon – Recruit Ready – the app that helps connect you with the work YOU want

There’s a new app coming in September. Okay, okay, that’s not the big news. New apps come out every single day, promising everything from simple entertainment to ushering in a sea change to how we do everyday stuff. This app, Recruit Ready, is an “RCMS” – a Recruiter Communications Management System. It lets you create standard messaging for recruiters who call or email you, so you give each of them the same information each time. You won’t have to remember the answers to all their questions, and you won’t have to improvise while you’re talking on the phone. You’ll have a standard response you can email / text to them, so they have the right details about you when they call.

I’ve been in the 9-to-5 working world for over 30 years, and I’ve worked with so many recruiters, I’ve lost count. Unlike many of my peers, I’ve changed jobs a number of times. I’ve relocated a number of times, I’ve sought out better opportunities, and I even cashed out of a big-time corporate job to start my own business back in 2006. Along the way, I’ve always relied on recruiters to connect me with great opportunities. And I noticed over time that they all pretty much needed to know the same information when I talked to them. Was I working? Was I open to a new opportunity? When could I start my job search? When could I start a different position? Did I want full-time permanent work, or a contract position?  Did they have my most recent resume? (Usually, they didn’t.)

Of all the tens (maybe hundreds) of headhunters I’ve talked to, very rarely did any of them veer away from that initial line of questioning.

So, I got pretty adept at repeating those details over and over. It wasn’t hard. But it was time-consuming. And it felt like we spent so much time covering the basics, we didn’t have as much time to talk about the type of work I really wanted to do, or the deep experience I brought with me to the table.

Then, about 4 years ago, I couldn’t take it anymore. I just couldn’t stand repeating myself. Plus, why should I? It made a lot more sense to me, if I gave them all that information up front, and then — if they had a position that matched what I wanted, and what I was suited for — we could talk about my situation and next steps.

I built myself a prototype system, using my email autoresponder and a boilerplate details template, and I used it a bunch of times with decent success. I weeded out the headhunters who didn’t have opportunities that suited me, and I was able to engage with those who did have a potentially good fit. And now that I know it works, I’ve taken it to the next level and turned it into an app, which lets users quickly respond to recruiter emails with a few taps on their smartphone, as well as proactively email out their details — all from within the app. Rather than relying on email and autoresponders and files saved somewhere on the system, the app does it all.

We’re in beta testing, right now, and so far things are looking good! 🙂 The app is fully functional on all devices — mobile phones, tablets, desktops — as well as iOS and Android platforms. With the free version, you can create three different types of messages about whether you’re currently working, if you’re open to new opportunities, and your contact details. With the paid version, you can create (and save) up to four different types of messages.

We’re looking at what features to add in the future, but for the first release, you’ll have an app that does an important job for you — provide recruiters with details about your situation that will steer them in the right direction and only contact you about work that you actually want to do.

Watch this space in the coming weeks – there’s more news to come!