Recruitable React lets job seekers respond quickly to recruiters who reach out to them with job opportunities.

Fill in a simple form, save your message, and respond to recruiters with a few taps on your mobile device.

No more:

  • Uncomfortable silences, when a headhunter calls you and your boss is nearby.
  • Putting recruiters on hold till you find a private place to talk.
  • Getting pitched on jobs where you don’t live or want to work.
  • Hiding in an empty conference room, talking about your next career move when you’re at work.
  • Repeating your employment status to one recruiter after another.
  • Telling headhunters that they have an old copy of your resume and you’re not interested in certain types of positions anymore.
  • Remembering to send those recruiters your most recent resume, when you get home from work.
  • Wasting 10-20 minutes giving headhunters basic information… before you find out why they’re calling.
  • Getting long, detailed descriptions of jobs that are way beneath your pay grade.


With Recruitable React, respond to recruiters with your details, so they really understand your situation. Re-send your message anytime to anyone. Feature Available
Show your employment status
Show your availability
Create custom messages
Share message via text, email, posting
Share your accurate contact information (phone, email, LinkedIn)
Link to your resume
Mobile-friendly (phone & tablet)
Desktop compatible
Show expanded employment details for your current position
Show expanded availability details – when you’re available, what you’re seeking, and more
Save messages for later
Email your message directly from the app
Online Help & Documentation
Progressive web app with enhanced mobile functionality
Continuously expanded features and functionality, always evolving
Proactive messaging to your network
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