Job Seekers: Align your data. Find the right job fit.

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Photo by Jeremy Thomas on Unsplash

It’s the beginning of the year — prime season for recruiters to be reaching out to potential candidates about jobs. The hiring budgets have gone into effect. New jobs are being listed. And lots of people are following through on their resolutions to find a better job this year. You might be one of them.

The only problem is… the data isn’t always aligned. And that’s an issue.

What do we mean by that?

Well, recruiters often have stale resumes from years gone by. They also don’t always have the most recent updates on your job situation. They might have talked to you a couple of months ago, to see if you were interested in new opportunities, and you weren’t ready to make a move. But then something changed. Maybe you got a new boss. Maybe your year-end bonus wasn’t what it should have been. Maybe your situation at home has changed.

You may have been happy, two months ago… and now you’re not.

Or you may have been deeply discontent with your position, before the holidays… but then something happened… and now you couldn’t be happier.

So now, when those same headhunters reach out to you, they’re completely off base. And they don’t even know it, till you talk to them and spend a few minutes telling them they’re wasting their time.

The way things are now, it’s unavoidable. Recruiters can’t possibly know every single detail of your life, and they certainly don’t have time to track all the developments in your professional trajectory. They’ve got other things to worry about. Like finding good candidates for their clients. But none of those conversations are going anywhere, unless everybody’s on the same page. You have to catch them up with what’s new, what’s happening, and what they need to know about your current situation to find a good job fit for you.

Typically, that takes time. And unfortunately, it’s often a waste of time to talk to people who reach out to you with opportunities.

It doesn’t have to stay that way, though. In fact, with the free Recruitable React app, you can now update recruiters quickly and easily, with just a few clicks or taps. The responsive web app lets you send consistent messaging (and links to your resume and LinkedIn profile) with your contact details to anyone who emails you. You can also copy your message into a text and send it back to someone who reaches out via SMS. Or, if you prefer, you can use your “canned” message as a script to tell recruiters what your situation is, without needing to think on your feet.

Whatever your method, Recruitable React takes care of the tedious “data transfer” between you and recruiters, to keep them updated… and save you the time (and/or annoyance, disappointment, you name it) that comes with “opportunities” not aligning with your goals at all.

It’s free to use, and no signup is required. Take it for a test drive, and find out how it feels to update headhunters with a couple of taps. We love it. Chances are, you will, too.