Let’s talk about recruiters!

many hands shaking

A lot of people don’t like to (and I understand if you feel that way, too).

When we think about recruiters, we often think “headhunters”. We think they’re not really interested in actually getting to know us. They treat us like numbers, and they just want to get a butt in a seat. They’re just trying to make their numbers, and job searchers’ interests don’t really apply.

And when they call… groan.

Of course, that can be true.

But there are also a lot of misconceptions about recruiters.  Plenty of people have had a lot of different experiences, and they often don’t have a really great experience with recruiters or headhunters. Or they might not have that much interaction with a variety of recruiters. Sometimes they approach the interactions all wrong. They get their wires mixed up, so to say, and they don’t have good experience. And then they think, “Oh, well, you know, they’re a headhunter, after all.”

They believe what everybody else says, they believe the hype, basically.

But I really want to fix that. I want to teach you about how to understand recruiters, the work that they do, and how they can help you.

Because they can.

I’ve been in the workforce for over 30 years, and I’ve been working steadily ever since I got in. I had a little bit of a blip in 1987, when I hit a couple of snags, and I sat around feeling sorry for myself. But then I regrouped. I got back in the game. And recruiters were a very, very big part of helping me move forward with that. I also took time off to move across the country and back in 1992 and 1995. And recruiters played a major role in helping me get work in record time.

So this blog is to help you understand how you can do that also, and how you can make the most of the opportunities that open up when you’re working with recruiters.

Now, when you go out in the job market, looking for a new position, there are a lot of different players, you’ve got:

  • job boards where you can see what positions are open, as well as post your resume,
  • companies with open positions,
  • hiring managers,
  • HR reps,
  • headhunters,
  • recruiters, and
  • different placement professionals.

You also have people doing screenings, like security and drug screenings.

You’ve got sites where you can look up your potential salary, like Comparably.com and Salary.com.

There’s a wide range of different options that you have for your job search, and it can get pretty confusing.

This is where recruiters come in. You actually have access to professionals who can help you navigate that whole thing. A lot of people don’t realize that they’re available to them. They don’t know how they work, they don’t know what matters to them, they don’t know what they can do for them. And so they never really they never really consider working with recruiters.

But these folks come in different shapes and sizes. And that’s why this site exists — to explain who recruiters are, how they work, and how you can work best with them to connect with the right opportunities.