New for 2019! Recruit Ready is becoming Recruitable

With the New Year come big changes for Recruit Ready. Because… why not?

  1. We’re changing the name to Recruitable.
  2. We’re combining our Hello and Intro levels into Recruitable React.
  3. We’re opening up the job seeker React app for free, so everybody can get a taste of how great it is to be able to tap their phone a few times, and get all their pertinent details to recruiters who contact them.
  4. We’re launching Recruitable Pro EZ, which lets recruiters pre-qualify their sourced candidates with the same app that job seekers use to send them their details.

First, the name change

Recruit Ready Logo


Recruitable logo



Why the change?

It’s easier to say fast ten times, which matters, when you’re planning to do weekly podcasts. Recruitable rolls off the tongue. And it was suggested by a recruiter whose judgement I trust, so there you go.

Plus, it really speaks to what we’re getting across — if someone is actually recruitable. You may think you’re recruit-ready — or a recruiter might think you’re a great candidate — but the data tells a completely different story.

  • You may have been in a terrible job for less than six months, and you’re looking for an easy way out… or
  • You’re targeting a certain kind of job, but your salary requirements aren’t what the market will support… or
  • Your skillset might be a perfect match for a hot new position, but there’s no way you’re going to make that commute, every single day.

These are just a few of the data points that typically get sussed out in the process of calls with recruiters (and after 30+ years of talking to headhunters, I should know). The thing is:

  • It’s a terrible use of time. A lot of what recruiters ask me, they should already know before they call me.
  • The conditions are often far from optimal to both ask and provide that information. Candidates can be distracted or nervous, and recruiters may not hit on all the main points in the first conversation.
  • It’s a huge time-sink that keeps us from having real conversations. Honestly, I can do without the “headhunter dance”, where they’re “feeling me out” and asking about critical details in a roundabout way. It feels passive-aggressive, even when it’s done well.

Even after a couple of conversations, recruiters may find out that the candidate isn’t recruitable, after all. One (or more) of the dealbreakers… broke the deal. And they’ve just wasted all that energy and attention on talking to an unrecruitable candidate, instead of talking to people who really are recruitable.

Recruitable is a Candidate Pre-Qualification System (CPS), which front-loads the data collection (people are terrible data collectors, anyway) and sets the stage for discussions before conversations get started. That way, everybody can have a productive, targeted conversation and not waste their time trying to fit an octagonal peg in a triangular hole.

Say good-bye to Hello and Intro. Say hello to Recruitable React.

React is exactly what candidates do, when a headhunter reaches out to us by email or phone. We do any or all of the following:

  • Ignore them (Ugh! Another headhunter!)
  • Reply quickly (Thanks, but no thanks...)
  • Reply thoughtfully (I may be interested – when can we talk? Here’s a link to my resume.)
  • Get back to them via phone or email or both.

Recruitable React combines the message creation and saving features of Hello and Intro into one app, so active and passive job seekers (or anyone who recruiters reach out to) can reply with all the important details before they invest the time in an extended conversation with people who get paid to find them work.

And React will be free

Everybody needs to get a taste of how great it is to be able to tap their phone a few times, and get all their pertinent details to recruiters who contact them. Seriously, it’s fun! I get a charge out of doing it, every time I tap the screen and shoot back an email or LinkedIn message to recruiters who reach out to me.

I get pinged at least three times a week, sometimes three times a day, and I never know who’s going to have the Next Great Opportunity for me. So, I’m saving time and energy on the front end — and on the back end, if/when I actually talk to a live human being.

Coming in 2019 Recruitable Pro EZ, so recruiters can pre-qualify sourced candidates before reaching out

Honestly, people, do you really want to spend your days chasing down possible candidates, finding out they don’t qualify after you’ve sunk all that time into researching them and discussing their situation? It must be pretty discouraging, after you hit a dead end a bunch of times. So, why not find out, up front, if they meet the basic criteria to move forward? Get specifics on

  • whether they’re working,
  • how long they’ve been in their role,
  • if they’re open to a change,
  • what sort of move they want to make,
  • where and when they’re looking for the next step,
  • and more.

Recruitable Pro EZ leverages the same app that job seekers use to send recruiters their details, so there’s a consistent data flow, and you know what to expect. And if your ATS pulls in emails from candidate, Pro EZ will embed their info directly in that system, so you and your whole team will see that updated information.

Why keep hitting dead ends, when you can find out up front if someone is really Recruitable?

Watch this space in the coming weeks for more details.