Now Available! A whole new way to connect with the right job opportunity

Make sure recruiters have the information they need to connect you with the right job opportunities

A new easy-to-use app lets you give recruiters and hiring managers exactly the information they need to connect you with the right opportunities.

No more:

  • Uncomfortable silences, when a headhunter calls you and your boss is nearby.
    • You may not be looking, or be open to changing jobs, but even taking a recruiter’s call to tell them that is awkward when your boss is within hearing range.
  • Putting recruiters on hold till you find a private place to talk.
    • We’ve all been there… asking someone to “please hold”, while you try to look casual as you hustle out to the far parking lot
  • Hiding in an empty conference room, talking about your next career move when you’re at work.
    • The conference room might be booked in 5 minutes… or someone might hear you talking through the door. In any case, walking out of a conference room with only your phone in your hand can be… uncomfortable.
  • Repeating your employment status to one recruiter after another.
    • Every time they call, you go through the same routine. Are you working? Where? For how long? Are you open to a change? Everybody needs to know the same things. Wouldn’t it be great, if you could get them that information up front?
  • Telling headhunters that they have an old copy of your resume and you’re not interested in certain types of positions anymore.
    • You haven’t done a certain type of work for 5+ years, and yet, you’re getting calls about those kinds of positions. Wouldn’t it be great, if recruiters had your most recent resume before they talked to you?
  • Remembering to send those recruiters your most recent resume, when you get home from work.
    • You managed to have a great conversation about a potential opportunity, but they need your most recent resume. Good luck remembering that, when you get home and have to take care of the rest of your life.
  • Spending the first 20 minutes giving headhunters basic information before you find out why they’re calling.
    • How many times have you spent considerable time talking to a recruiter about your situation, before you even find out what they’re offering?
  • Getting long, detailed descriptions of jobs that are a terrible fit.
    • How many times have you been pitched on a “great opportunity”, only to find out it’s way below your pay grade… or is in a location you can’t commute to?

Recruit Ready makes it easy to give placement professionals all that information up front, so you can have a truly productive conversation when they call.

On Tuesday, September 25, 2018, we launched a whole new way to communicate with recruiters. Offload the busy-work of the initial “data collection” to this app. And save your energy for a real conversation.

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