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For Recruiters Who Need to Pre-Qualify Candidates

Recruitable Pro-EZ puts the power of Recruitable in the hands of staffing professionals.
Pre-qualify candidates quickly and easily with the same full feature set of the job seeker app.
A simple interface that integrates with your ATS*, CRM* or email automation lets you find out:

  • If they’re currently employed.
  • Where they’re working, and for how long.
  • If they’re open to new opportunities.
  • What’s their next preferred move?
  • Where do they want to work — or not want to work?
  • When can they talk? When can they start?
  • And more!

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* Integration available if A) Users embed links to Recruitable Pro-EZ in their templates, and/or B) Email communications from candidates are pulled into your ATS and/or CRM.