Save your self time and hassle. HI-5 the Headhunters!

business handshakeAs I’ve mentioned before, I often answer recruiters when they reach out to me. And because I’ve talked to hundreds of them over the years, I’ve realized that they’ve consistently asked me the same questions, over and over again.

I mean, over and over again.

And I was tired of it. So, I started looking for a way to offload the repetitive tasks that take up my time and energy, so I could have a consistent, professional presentation – and also automate the tedious tasks of answering the same questions, remembering to send them an updated resume, and just doing that dance that happens every time I talk to yet another headhunter.

Fortunately, I’ve spent decades in high tech designing and implementing enterprise technical systems. And I came up with my own solution that I call my HI-5 System. It’s a “Headhunter Interceptor” (hence the HI) that’s a mash-up of 5 common, everyday tools most of us use pretty much every day. Hidden within the “gears” of email, plain text files, MSWord documents and free file hosting and sharing, I uncovered the potential to significantly increase my effectiveness as a job seeker, not to mention boost the efficiency of recruiters and hiring managers.

Even when I’m not looking for a job, my HI-5 works for me and spares me the hassle of talking to headhunters just to tell them “Thanks, but no thanks – I’m not looking… but here’s my resume anyway.”

I’ve implemented and used this solution, myself, and it works wonders. It helped me get the great job I have right now. The time and energy that my has HI-5 saved me, was precious, even as it worked overtime for me, getting the right info to the right people at the right time.

It’s not difficult to build your own HI-5 system. You just have to know how – and why – to do it. And in August, I’m going to teach you just that.

I hope you’ll take advantage of this amazing tool and learn how to implement your own HI-5 System.

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