Shared: Post Grad Job Search: What if Passion Just Doesn’t Cut it?

The whole “find your passion and make it earn money for you” approach is, in my opinion, severely mis-guided… and also promoted by people who are sheltered in certain environments, and haven’t been on the real-world job scene for quite some time.

Personally, I’ve always found it best to find a good-paying line of work that allowed me to pursue my passion independently – without meddling from good-intentioned parties. There’s nothing like being able to follow your own dreams, while making a good living. You just need to find a balance.

The worst career advice I ever heard as a twenty-one year old near college graduate was to discover my passion and make it my job. Words that for so long inspired individuality and wisdom in my search for purpose start to feel a little empty when put into practice. When your family members have invested […]

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