Summer’s gone, and recruiting is picking up

autumn leaves with acorn

As one season ends, another begins

The Autumnal Equinox is today, signaling the official end of summer, and the beginning of autumn. It’s a bittersweet feeling, as summer’s end usually means heading back to the usual routine (“the grind” for some). Then again, if your summer was hot and frantic and less than ideal, heading into the final three months of the year can be a breath of fresh air.

Like the weather in New England, the hiring calendar is also seasonal. An article on has some great insights on how to make the most of the cycles:

Winter (Q1 of the calendar year): Busy, busy, busy, with a new year underway, budgets being freed up, and job seekers looking for a new change in the new year.

Spring (Q2): Bigger for recruiting impending college grads.

Summer (Q3): Summer vacations can slow things down, as companies may shift their hours and schedules.

Fall (Q4): Recruitment picks up as companies seek to fill open positions before year-end.

We’re now launching into the final quarter of the year, and recruiters are reaching out more actively. That’s been my experience, as I’ve gotten more direct contacts from placement professionals looking to fill slots. It’s often that way, this time of year. Even if you’re not actively looking, it may be a good idea to chat with folks who reach out to you. Even if they don’t have a good fit for you (or you’re not actually looking), it can’t hurt to get to know the people who get paid to find you a good fit. And it helps to keep practiced with how you present and respond to questions.

One thing that can help conversations, is making sure everyone is on the same page, in terms of what you’re doing, what you’re interested in, where you’d be willing to work, and so forth. Some of the best (and most productive) conversations I’ve had with recruiters in the past 30+ years, was when they had all my most recent information. We could actually have an in-depth conversation about what my situation was, what I was looking for, and what my pay range was.

And in less than a week, the Recruit Ready app will be available to help you have those kinds of conversations, too. The app lets you create informative, consistent messaging for placement professionals, so they can target their search to you… instead of who they think you are or what they assume you want.

Beta testing is nearly complete on the first version of the app, so stay tuned on September 25, to get access to one of the most powerful tools I’ve ever used in my own successful job searches.