Get Recruitable With HI-5

The 5-Piece Headhunter Interceptor

Create a virtual assistant
that handles recruiter communications
for you.

Tired of Talking to Recruiters and Giving Them All the Exact Same Details?

Let Recruitable Handle It for You in 3 Simple Steps!

1. Get a second email address

  • You can use Gmail or Yahoo or Outlook/Hotmail.
  • Pick an email “handle” that’s catchy, like “”
  • Make sure the email has both forwarding and autoresponder capabilities.
  • Put your personal email in the forwarding settings.

2. Update your resume with the new address and put it where recruiters can download it

  • Replace the old contact email address on your resume with your new “recruitable” email.
  • Put your resume on Google Drive, Dropbox, or another file-sharing location.
    • If you have your own hosting, upload it to your host.
  • From this point on, recruiters will contact you at that address, when they refer to your resume.
  • You’ll also get into the systems with this new email address, so over time, it will become your default contact email address.

3. Create your Recrutiable Message with your contact info and link to your resume

then add it to your new email autoresponder.

If recruiters contact you (by phone or email), give them your recruiting email address, and the Recruitable system will update them with all your details in the autoresponder.

Live training – coming soon!

Watch this space for more details

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