The new year is fast approaching – get ready for recruiters ahead of time

many hands shaking2018 is winding down, and before you know it, January will be here.

And along with it comes a flurry of recruiting. Hiring budgets will be freed up with fresh funds. Prospective college / university grads will be wooed by headhunters. And the Boston Globe will run its massive January Jobs issue on the second Sunday of the year.

Now is a fantastic time to be prepping for that onslaught. Whether you’re looking for a new job, or you want to stay put, it’s important to have the right messaging ready for recruiters when they reach out to you. It’s especially important if you aren’t planning a move, because you definitely want to keep your information updated with placement professionals… just in case things change, on down the line. Or, for that matter, even if you’re happy where you are, another opportunity might open up that nets you higher pay and better chances advancement.

The way the job market goes, with its expansions and contractions, and companies expanding, contracting, offshoring, right-sizing, and all that, it’s important to keep your information fresh and current, so the recruiters who reach out to you actually know what to discuss with you. I’ve been contacted a number of times about work I haven’t done in 10 years, and the headhunters always referenced finding my resume in their database. So, getting my most updated resume in their hands is critical, if I want to avoid being pitched on jobs for doing Vignette development or technical writing.

Bottom line, headhunters are going to be reaching out to many of us, after the start of the new year, so start thinking now about what you’ll say, when they contact you.